Study References

BloChamps Capital Ltd. has prepared in 2004 and 2005, for a domestic financial institution, in order to start the private banking business branch, then to form the branch's product portfolio, a thorough analysis about the Hungarian private banking situation, including the detailed comparison of the international and domestic private banking services. The company has contributed to starting of the private banking business branch of the bank, to shaping the services, has prepared a summary study in Hungarian and English language about the classic, innovative and the related private banking products, for the more efficient functioning of the private banking activity.

BloChamps Capital Ltd. has detailed for its most important partners, in a comprehensive study, the potential investment opportunities which can be achieved before the interest and capital gain tax coming into force on 1st September 2006, examining the taxes and presenting the new investment constructions offered by the domestic financial institutions.

The company examined in a thorough study for his clients, the most essential regulations concerning company foundation that are effective in certain in European states, the tax and payment contribution, assessing the conditions required to found limited liability company, share company, off-shore subsidiary company, investment fund.

Onto the invitation of a leading financial institution the company has detailed in a thorough market research on the Hungarian interbank market, the basic deposit requirements applied to derivative transactions, the interbank foreign exchange trading conditions reachable for the corporate clients.

BloChamps Capital Ltd. has prepared for the private individual clients a comprehensive study including the low investment forms that are characteristic to the domestic capital market.

BloChamps Capital Ltd. has detailed in a thorough real estate market report prepared for more clients in 2004, 2005, 2006 and 2007 the situation of the domestic real estate market. The study examined the viewpoints of choosing the real estates, the different housing subsidies, bank credits, and presented the different elements of the sector from the new and used housing market to the hotel and the castle real estate market.

BloChamps Capital Ltd. provided business counseling support for a domestic five-star hotel with the completion of a complex study concerning the hotel financing, the system of exchange risk, optimisation of functioning structure.

Onto the invitation of a leading investment service provider the company made a thorough market research for establishing the foreign exchange business branch and provided advisory services during a year`s cooperation to create the branch's service portfolio.

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Preferential references

The partners of the company have resorted to the services of the BloChamps Capital Financial Consulting Ltd. in the undermentioned forms:

On the domestic foreign exchange market, the company ensured investment and money-market couseling services for one of the most considerable activities managed foreign fund and investments company.

BloChamps Capital Ltd. gave continuous help for a domestic leader economic daily paper to the management of venture capital investments negotiations. In the framework of an annual agreement the company provided auditing of its daily operating processes, itemized by branches, the preparation of monthly reporting order and the completion of controlling account.

The company has ensured treasury and money-market business advisory services for a leader exporter holding of light industry. Based on an earlier commission, BloChamps Capital Ltd. helped the reorganizational process of the group of companies with business administration proposals, and analysed the holding's function construction, financing and operative structure.

Our company received a honourific invitation in October 2007, and as the member of the professional jury of the competition "The bank of the year 2007" - sponsored by MasterCard, Ernst&Young and CapGemini - have participated in the vote.

Satisfying the honorific invitation of an information science company that well-known on the domestic market - from the occasion of the presentation of its on-line portfolio management system to potential users organized in the framework of a professional day - BloChamps Capital Ltd held a lecture about the past, present and future of the domestic and international private banking, in the conference room of Hotel Intercontinental, in October 2007.

BloChamps Capital Ltd. has contributed and contributes to the organization of exchange market special courses for investor groups. The company helped with advices and prepared expertizes on the economic articles analysing financial effects for Hungarian market leading business papers. In the domestic economic press - HVG, Figyelő, Haszon Magazin, Magyar Hírlap, Bank & Tőzsde, Napi Gazdaság, Manager Magazin - the company's managers systematically accept expertize and counseling invitations, and due to this activity several publications, economic articles have appeared.

In the framework of foreign exchange risk and coverage business conduct counseling, the company provided professional support for a quoted domestic plastic industry company group.

Based on an annual agreement, in the framework of corporate finance administration advisory services, BloChamps Capital Ltd. provided professional assistance in venture capital projects for a broker firm, and the company has concluded a client relation contract with the Customer.

In the framework of an annual "Money market advisory" agreement the company helped a dress exporter company of 4 billion HUF turnover with corporate treasury business administration proposals.

On the basis of the request of the client BloChamps Capital Ltd. prepared a professional report on capital involvement possibilities for a several billion HUF greenfield site cultural investment and prepared investment and collaboration offer for the business Partner.

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SME References

BloChamps Capital Ltd. provides business administration counselling services for real estate development companies which include financial, capital market counseling cooperation, quarterly economic and capital market consultations, monitoring concerning real estate tenders, financing as well as financial and business administration proposals related to real estate developments with high value.

Based on an annual framework agreement, BloChamps Capital Ltd. has helped its client's enterprise operating in construction and mining industry. Beside financial business administration counseling services our company has occasionally helped the client with real estate market surveys necessary for real estate investments.

The company has undertaken to make strategic and financial plans for a lawyer's office specialized in economic right.

From the commission of a leading distributor of Japanese measuring instruments present on the Hungarian market since 1975 the company prepared a company assessment expert opinion in English language needed to the change of ownership structure for a foreign investor.

In the framework of an annual agreement, the company has constantly provided business administration, financial counseling support for a market-leading company dealing with sales of neon signs situated on a public domain.

The company gave financial advice for a Hungarian, market leader economic publisher share company for a procedure of capital involving, and to the management of venture capital investments negotiations.

BloChamps Capital Ltd. has published an expertise on the particularities and functions of an on-line portfolio handler system being under construction. The company has furnished detailed description for the well-known Hungarian IT share company about its experiences and its proposals concerning the potential changes.

Based on a cooperation agreement, BloChamps Capital Ltd. is continuously helping a marketing enterprise operating actively in the commercial sector with business administration financial counseling services.

BloChamps Capital Ltd. has given support to an important energetic company regarding business administration counseling services concerning the utilisation of electricity, thermal and cold energy in the realisation of a project, and provided technical support regarding the preparation of its financing transactions.

Based on the commission of an Internet portal operator company, the company has made a professional business plan and has managed the negotiations concerning the 50 million HUF capital involvement.

BloChamps Capital Ltd. - as a business administration adviser - provided technical support in the preparation of the candidature program in order to gain the most popular domestic sports club's presidential function. As an expert the company helped the management's work in business administration questions.

From the commission of an important musical publisher on the domestic market, the company prepared the business, strategic and financial plans to be used on the investment negotiations and the involvement of capital.

From the commission of a downtown restaurant complex, BloChamps Capital Ltd. prepared a strategic plan which was necessary to a bank agreement concerning rollover loan, and based on the annual agreement the company was at the client's service with business administration, financial counseling services.

As an business administration counsellor BloChamps Capital Ltd. helped the preparation of an EUR 2,2 million EUR investment.

Based on the business strategic guideline determined by the BloChamps Capital Ltd., the company helped its domestic, company manager, private person partners with business administration counseling services concerning property structuring.

At the request of a domestic pharmaceutical company, BloChamps Capital Ltd. acted as an expert in the execution of the marketing, PR film of the company.

The company provided professional support for a market-leading car rental company in the preparation of financial, strategic investor negotiations.

At the request of a market-leading software developing firm's domestic subsidiary company, BloChamps Capital Ltd. examined the domestic feasibility of the EUGA project in the framework of business administration counseling.

At the request one of the most famous domestic sports clubs, the company has drawn up the financial frameworks of the economic cooperation related to the player contracts and to the club's subcontractors.

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Long term collaborative possibilities

Those partners who sign the general framework contract will be registered as clients and can obtain free information on investing project opportunities and suggestions concerning these possibilities through newsletters and personal consultations.

BloChamps Capital Ltd., on behalf of its clients, is looking for those profit-oriented companies that need project financers for their prepared investments as well as for those who wish to secure a successful future operation and expansion by involving venture capital (10- 50 million forints) with the help of the sale of property shares.

The company is looking for exclusive real estates of great value in order to find the ideal office building in descent areas of Budapest. BloChamps Capital Ltd. suggests that before starting the negotiations and testing the condition of the realties, the business partners should send to the company the complete documentation of the buildings.

The BloChamps Capital Financial Advisory Ltd. is currently looking for capital investors and project financers who are interested in unique, long-term, strategic, greenfield investments in Central Europe.

If you need more information, do not hesitate to contact any members of management on the given availabilities.

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